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Staying Safe

A letter has been shared in newsletters from the Director of Education and the local Director of Public Health. They ask that when your child goes back to school you to continue to help to control the spread of the virus by:


  • Not sending your child to school if they are unwell even if you are not sure if it is coronavirus
  • Continue to work at home if at all possible
  • When you take your child to school – always keep your distance from other parents and don’t stay around and chat
  • Don’t invite other children (or their parents) to your home to play or stay, even outdoors and even if they are in the same bubble at school
  • Unless you have no choice, please do not share a lift to school or other activities with other families
  • Make sure your child understands the importance of washing their hands regularly

Thank you for your help in keeping the virus in check and helping us to keep schools to stay open this time.