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10th/11th March

This week we had a visit from the 'Health Visitor'. She wanted to weigh the babies and asked the children to help her! The children came up with some wonderful ideas and used various skills to sort the babies by size and weight. They observed carefully, lifted the babies, sorted them into groups and explored different types of weighing equipment. 
Outdoors this week all the children bathed the babies. They sang 'Dyma'r ffordd i olchi'r babi' whilst they washed them! They tried hard to ask each other for the soap, sponge, towel and bubble bath using the welsh words. They remembered to keep the bubbles away from the babies eyes and dried them carefully in the sunshine! We are hoping to put these new skills to use when we bath a real baby in the next few weeks!  
As part of their Physical Development Nursery and Reception went out onto the main yard with the scooters, tricycles and prams. They were asked to move around the large space, listening to different instructions. They showed confidence when pedalling, started and stopped when they were told and showed awareness of each other when moving around. 
The arrival of a new baby brother for a member of our class had caused great excitement!  The children made some fabulous  'Welcome to the world' cards for the new baby. They cut around pictures and used their drawing and writing skills to make their cards. We hope baby Jack likes them! Nursery children were talking about all the things a baby would need to be cared for. They looked through catalogues for pictures, which they then cut out and glued to make a fabulous collage. They labelled their pictures showing some wonderful pencil control too. 
Picture 1 Our welcome to the world cards!
Picture 2
Picture 3 Writing skills.
Picture 4
Picture 5 Writing a message in a card
Picture 6
Picture 7 All the things a baby needs.
Picture 8 Working with a partner to push the pram.
Picture 9
Picture 10 We played our instruments loudly too!
Picture 11 Rocking baby to sleep
Picture 12 Circle time. Don't wake the baby!
Picture 13 Measuring the babies.
Picture 14 Outdoor fun in Golden time!
Picture 15 Playing a game- 'Don't wake the baby
Picture 16
Picture 17 Following a line.
Picture 18 Number bingo.
Picture 19 Ordering numbers to 10
Picture 20 Ordering numbers.
Picture 21
Picture 22 Bathing the babies as part of our Welsh lesson.
Picture 23 The babies needed drying
Picture 24
Picture 25 The Health Visitor arrived to weigh the babies.
Picture 26 Weighing the babies.
Picture 27 Lifting the babies to see which felt the heaviest.
Picture 28 Weighing the baby using our home-made scales!
Picture 29 Heavier and lighter.
Picture 30 Balanced! These two babies weighed the same.
Picture 31 Counting the bears carefully.
Picture 32 Ordering the babies by size.
Picture 33 Recording the weight of the baby.
Picture 34 All the items a baby needs!
Picture 35