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Review and Phew!!

We are reviewing our Stone Age topic this week and finishing it off with our own archaeological dig. It will get messy. Before we ventured out with our trowels and paintbrushes to carefully unearth the treasures from the past buried in forest school, we learnt about artefacts and how things found can tell us about the type of people who owned those items. We were given a box with mystery items belonging to someone who worked in our school. It was tricky to guess the people, because the 'stuff' couldn't tell us what the people looked like or sounded like, we had to think really hard about what we knew about all the staff.  
We remembered loads of things that we had learnt and lots of activities we had shared. Please ask us all about it. We can tell you a lot. We talked about things we have in our homes today that Stone Age people would find very strange- we thought of television, some toys, a kettle, sun glasses, toilets and taps ( and some other things). We had a vote to find out which one of these things would we miss if we didn't have them. We made a tally chart to keep track of the voting. The toilet got the most votes. We couldn't believe it when we heard that some people in the world now, don't have their own toilet. We planned for and made model Stone Age settlements to show how much we had learnt and to demonstrate how well we work in groups.
We also practised our 'sneaking up on things' - a handy skill for Stone Age people if they chose to hunt for animals. We , of course, did not harm any animals but we did jingle a few bells tied to tricky obstacles. Some of us need to be a bit slower and more careful with our movements.
The Funky group with Nursery went number crazy this week. We wrote numbers, we counted beads into groups; we practised counting, we made play dough numbers, we made number threading plates. We worked hard; we nailed those numbers.
As well as reviewing our topic, we have been assessing our progress with phonics, high frequency words and number formation. It helps us set our targets as well as making us very proud of our amazing progress. We like to help each other learn, so we play games together with our high frequency words and numbers. The teachers call it 'peer support'. 
On Monday with Mrs Stanton, a group of Reception children prepared a very important message- Sun Safety. They presented their work to the class before home time to ensure vital advice was revisited. ( See end of last term). And then- to the whole school in assembly on Wednesday. Everyone knows about sun safety now-Phew!