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Week beginning 7th November


Brrrr!! It's gone cold!

We have all noticed the change in the temperature this week. It has become quite cold and chilly. We have been talking about Winter and how we need to wrap up warm. In our PE session, instead of putting on shorts and t-shirts, we put on more clothes and had races to try and get dressed up quicker than our friends. It was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot at the costumes we created. We also got very warm!

Ms Jones wants us to play with 'loose parts' more often so we enjoyed a session outside, building with cardboard boxes. It is incredible what a box can be! We loved discussing and planning our structures before building them and playing in them.

We are also learning about animals that hibernate and why trees lose their leaves. To help us understand these things we have spent a lot of time outside, studying the bare trees and looking at the ground with huge piles of lost leaves everywhere! We realised with the sudden bursts of rain and hail that a shelter would be a handy thing to have so we built one in the Forest school area. We also jumped in puddles and sailed leaves in the water that had collected in trays outside. We do not like to waste an opportunity.

We have been acting out the story Elmer in the Snow by David McKee.

It was a lot of fun, pretending to be heavy elephants, tramping up a hill then sliding on ice before having a massive snowball fight!

In our Welsh lessons we have been learning how to make a shopping list and how to ask politely for things, in Welsh. We are very good at it.

Our maths work has been mixed in with all our activities but Ms Jones has been focusing on addition and ordering. (She does like to order things!) We are all making good progress and our teachers are very proud of us.



Some of us need to bring wellingtons to school so that we can carry on splashing in puddles.