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Week beginning 3rd Jan 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!!

We’ve started 2017 off with an introduction to our new topic- ‘On the Move’. Miss Jones read us a very old book from the 1970s called ‘Moving Molly’ about a family who move house. We were all shocked by the pictures of children playing in the streets and wished that our roads were safer. We think there are too many cars on them to play safely now. We gave Miss Jones loads of good ideas for activities we’d like to do and things we would like to find out about our new topic.

We looked inside and outside school for things that move and moved lots of things around ourselves. We loved making paint dribble down sheets of paper and some of us made a tube track for a little ball to travel down a wall! Miss Jones said we had fantastic problem solving skills.

We made models of things that moved, imagined what we’d need for our families if we moved house, we joined in lots of activities that got us on the move. We've been singing in Welsh and English about lots of things on the move; we have started to learn a lot of new songs.

We are going to love our new topic. Everything is definitely moving in a very positive direction.