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19th-20th May.

In maths this week we have been practising our addition skills, thinking of different strategies to add two numbers together. We used our fingers, small objects/multi link cubes and dominoes. We recorded our addition sums on to the white boards.
We have looked at images of Bodelwyddan castle and pictures of people from the past. We quickly realised that these photographs were all in black and white. We made pencil sketches, paintings in black and white and chalk drawings of the castle.
Reception and Nursery made their own salt dough to make a necklace from the Stone Age. They found out that in the Stone Age necklaces were made from shells, stone, teeth and bones. They designed their necklaces with this in mind and the finished results were fantastic!
Nursery- Fossil necklaces.
Stone Age necklaces ready to be baked!
Making words with the magnetic letters.
Making words with the magnetic letters.
Fossil necklaces out of salt dough.
Making words with the magnetic letters.
Practising letter formation
Nursery-making fossil necklaces.
Nursery-making fossil necklaces.
Writing our own sentences.
Writing our own sentences.
Stone Age necklaces.
We looked at how different necklaces were made.
Free choice- Princess dress up!
Outdoors-busy builders!
Outdoors- free choice.
Rolling the dice and adding using our fingers.
Using dominoes to make up our own addition sums.
Addition using beads.
Adding two colours together.
Adding objects to see how many altogether?
Recording our addition sums.
Adding using beads.
Addition using multi-link cubes.
Addition using multi-link cubes.
Nursery found these images of Bodelwyddan castle.
Practising our phonics
Chalk drawings of Bodelwyddan castle.
Making salt dough.
Checking our original designs.
Mixing the ingredients for the dough.
Checking our original designs.
Making the salt dough.
Kneading the dough.
Making holes in our beads ready to thread.
Rolling and pressing.
Making fossil necklaces.