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WB 25th Sept 2017

Our challenges this week included making a structure that was taller than us. We loved it. We discovered it was better to work together to make sure it didn’t fall ( or catch it when it did) we had great fun helping and guiding each other.
We worked as a large group to set up a role play aeroplane. We found out the driver of a plane has a special name, they are called the pilot. Our pilot made sure that our plane had a brake peddle, because she wanted it to stop on the runway. Different children served passenger children with drinks and pretend food. Before we got on our plane we all rang for a taxi.
You can see from our pictures we’ve had lots of fun inside and out. We have lots of challenges every week and try to complete them all.
Some of us learnt to make mini animations – next week we’ll all make them. It’s going to be exciting.