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9th -11th May

Fun in the Sun

We have enjoyed sharing our news from the weekend, which is helping us appreciate when things are in the past.
In our Funky Group on Monday our teacher modelled measuring with ml and told us a bit about capacity. We had to guess how many jugs worth of water ( dyed red so it looked a bit like blood-yuck!) would fill a bigger tub. Our estimates got better the more we did it. Then we went outside and we poured and filled with water and we found ourselves noticing the measurements and trying to guess have many of one container it would take to fill another. We also guessed how many blocks and links would fit in different containers. Some of us counted up to a hundred.
Another group were working with Miss Vicci in the garden and whilst watering the plants saw a rainbow in the spray from the hose pipe. It looked amazing.
With Mrs Stanton a small group measured plants using rulers. Some were very accurate.
We have talked about how Stone Age people may have made their clothes and looked at how our own are sewn together. We then carried out a threading task which we talked about after we'd finished. We came up with some TOP TIPS for threading:
1. Watch someone else do it first- watch carefully. 2. Knot one end of the thread 3. Go in and out of the holes like a worm or a wave.
We were proud of our TOP TIPS and our new skills.
We have sorted dominos after counting spots, we've measured loads of things outside with our blocks, we've done our own cave paintings, we've heard lots of stories read to us ( because reading to children every day can really help their brain grow) and we've been reading stories to the teachers and other children. We searched for our shadows outside but they kept disappearing: it was weird. We looked all round the playground for them. Suddenly, they would be there- and then they were gone again. We worked it out that the clouds were taking the sunlight away -and our shadows-and the sun needed to be bright for our shadows to be sharp. ( It's not only the sun that is super bright or the shadows that are sharp!)