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FP1 2014/15 so far........

Picture 1 Role-play
Picture 2 Fishing for our lunch in the igloo
Picture 3 Building bridges
Picture 4 We created a dinosaur!
Picture 5 Using handspans to measure
Picture 6 Making a concertina fan was tricky!
Picture 7 Copying a Chinese dragon
Picture 8 Writing in Chinese
Picture 9 Finger painting a Chinese blossom tree
Picture 10 Developing our fine motor skillls
Picture 11 Chinese New year- the year of the goat
Picture 12 Cooking Chinese food
Picture 13 Mmmmmm our Chinese food was delicious!
Picture 14 Making salt dough fossils
Picture 15 Measuring- longer/ shorter
Picture 16 Measuring using a recipe
Picture 17 Cleaning up after ourselves
Picture 18 Re-creating Kandinsky's circles for a display
Picture 19 Copying Kandinsky's art
Picture 20 People who help us
Picture 21 Printing with 2D shapes
Picture 22 Learning our capital letters
Picture 23 Preparing our smoothies
Picture 24 Caring for others
Picture 25 Counting
Picture 26 Ordering by height
Picture 27 Paired maths activities on the laptops
Picture 28 Balancing
Picture 29 Rememberance day art
Picture 30 Building a wall for Humpty
Picture 31 Bikeability
Picture 32 Matching tricky words
Picture 33 Sorting animals by habitats
Picture 34 Welsh folk dancing
Picture 35 Creating a Welsh dragon
Picture 36 Sorting money
Picture 37 Observational art
Picture 38 Making Welsh dragons from junk modelling
Picture 39 We built our own igloo!
Picture 40 Santes Dwynwen card
Picture 41 Peer reading
Picture 42 Collaging a dinosaur
Picture 43 Creating our own dinosaurs
Picture 44 Investigating
Picture 45 Re-telling stories
Picture 46 counting and matching
Picture 47 Testing the strength of our bridge
Picture 48 A bridge made out of straws
Picture 49 Using pastels
Picture 50 Number formation
Picture 51 Testing for magnetic materials
Picture 52 Painting our Mums
Picture 53
Picture 54 Practising our letter formations
Picture 55 Role-playing
Picture 56 Weighing
Picture 57 Painting our scarecrow
Picture 58 Acting out 'The Enormous Turnip.'
Picture 59 Re-cycling water
Picture 60 Role-playing at the cafe
Picture 61 Making our class scarecrow
Picture 62 Where do fruits/ vegetables grow?