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12th-13th May

This week we have been talking about writing lists. I explained to the children that I write lists for every occasion!! The children made suggestions of why we might need to write a list. 
Lists to go shopping for food , lists of things we need to take on holiday and jobs that Mummy has to do! In preparation for making soup in the afternoon, the children set about making lists of ingredients needed for our soup. Nursery children made some fabulous soup in the mud kitchen. They  mixed mud and water, stirred and sprinkled grass to make their interesting creations! They also used the internet to find some images of the ingredients needed for our soup.
The children thought about some of the foods that Stone age people may have eaten. We discussed hunting wild animals for food, fishing using spears, foraging for berries and nuts and growing their own vegetables and herbs. We knew that they would cook their food on a fire.
In Wales we have a traditional Welsh recipe called 'Cawl cennin' which has been made in Wales for many years. Both reception and afternoon nursery made 'Cawl cennin'. They followed the method carefully and prepared the vegetables by peeling and chopping! The children made a pretend fire outside and enjoyed their soup with some crusty bread! They cleared their bowls and told me it was very tasty!
In Maths we have been focussing on subtraction. We used the dinosaurs to help us to understand this concept. We counted and placed a number of dinosaurs onto the land, then moved some into the sea. We counted how many were left on the land and recorded our subtraction sentences onto the white board.
As part of our Physical development this week we enjoyed working as a team to complete some obstacle races. We learnt to compete against each other as well as cheering on our team! We jumped and landed carefully into hoops, ran around different obstacles and balanced bean bags on our heads.