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Summer Term 14th/15th April

A warm welcome back to everyone! We hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday! 
Our new topic for this term is 'Long Ago' with a focus on the 'Stone Age'. We are all looking forward to beginning the new topic and the children have already started to gather their ideas about life in the past!
In Language the children have been writing about an event from the past. They had some wonderful memories to write about! Christmas, holidays , birthdays, family days out to name but a few! They remembered the top tips and used their phonic knowledge and high frequency words to produce some fantastic pieces of writing! 
Nursery children have been revising some of their initial letter sounds. They played 'Kim's game' and tried to guess the picture/object that was missing. They then had to say the initial letter sound that it began with. They practised writing these letters in the sand and with chalks.
Our Maths focus this week was on 2-D shape. Reception children made some wonderful shape pictures using circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. They gathered their ideas and the named the shapes they had used. They also made shapes using cooked spaghetti (this proved to be quite tricky!) and used their fingers to draw the shapes in the porridge oats! They played the shape game outdoors. They took turns to roll the dice and then went to search for the shape it had landed on!
Nursery children went on a shape hunt around school. They collected lots of 2D shapes and sorted them into groups.
Outdoors this week the children have enjoyed den building and lots of physical activities using the tunnels, crawling net and stepping stones. They used this equipment to describe and use different positional language. The focus this week being on..... under, inside and on top of. 
We also had a very special visitor to our class this week. Baby Max came to be bathed! We had lots of questions to ask his Mummy. After bathing our baby dolls last term, we had lots of tips to give to his Mummy. 'Make sure the water is not too hot'
                'We must not get soap in his eyes'
               ' Wrap him in a towel to dry him'
We sang our welsh song to baby Max whilst he had his bath. Baby Max was happy and smiley throughout! A big thank you to Max and his Mummy for coming in to see us!