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29th Feb-2nd March 2016 VPJ

The beginning of this week has been filled with Welsh and wonderful things.

We have: celebrated St.David's day, we've made paper daffodils, been singing Welsh songs and enjoying the Welsh performances of other classes.
We've adapted 'Five Little Ducks' to 'Five Little Dragons' , we've played a game outside, where terrified children were chased by ferocious dragons ( see pictures). It was a lot of fun.

We've been practising addition, we've been counting domino spots and matching the domino with the appropriate number.
Nursery have continued with pattern work.

As part of our Marvellous Me topic we welcomed two visitors: a major from the army and an A & E sister from the hospital. Both visitors were very impressed with children's enthusiasm and questioning. The children were able to feed back well and recalled the activities they had participated in. They very much enjoyed marching, wearing different hats and learning about army uniforms. They loved the fact the sister had a pair of scissors that was for cutting off peoples' clothes.... and how to save a choking baby. Also, many of the children would like to own a torch that looks like a pen and shines in peoples' ears. 
They have also shared what they think they will do when they are older.