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Week beginning 19th September

Super News!

The author of the book we've been reading has written to us!! John Hegley has sent our class a letter, a copy of one of his poems and some drawings! We love his book 'Stanley's Stick' so it was very exciting to get post from the author.


We've been learning about how farmers harvest the food we eat. Some  ofthe food is gathered with huge machinery and some by hand.

Den Building

We have been making shelters in forest school. It has been very tricky and we probably would be cold and wet if we had to sleep in our creations- but at least we are developing our design skills and learning how to problem solve.

Forest Animals

We have looked at the different types of animals that live in our woods and listened to the sounds of the woodland. We spent an hour building a nest - it was very tiring work and we were amazed that a little bird can fly backwards and forwards collecting hundreds of pieces to make a nest.  We were all huffing and puffing- and we were working together!

Leaf Man

We have been using 'Leaf Man' by Lois as our inspiration for leaf pictures. We had fun dressing our 'mini-mees' with leafy hats and clothes, we've made 'leaf' animals to go with our foil printed tree display. (Our teacher recommends 'Pinterest' for crafty ideas to try at home!).

10 Colourful Birds

We made up our own version of 10 green bottles...

Ten colouring birds sitting in a boat x2

and if one colourful bird should accidently float...

they'd be 9 colourful birds, sitting in a boat.

We acted it out with a sparkly fabric lake, a washing up bowl boat and 10 colourful toy birds.

Dough Disco

We love to go to the Dough Disco! Dancing with our fingers and play dough, helps  strengthen the muscles in our hands which help us to write. We are making our own Dough Disco video soon because we have great moves and it will be fun.

Discovery Area- Investigating our world

Our classroom has different areas like a 'Reading Area' and a 'Maths Area' - one of our current favourite areas is the Discovery or Investigation Area. It is full of interesting objects like magnets, tinted glasses, kaleidoscopes, magnifying glasses  and 'jewels'.  Through our investigations of these objects we have discovered many interesting things.