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Spring Term 1- J Simon

Another busy term has come to an end! The children are thoroughly enjoying their topic 'Marvellous me'. Their fabulous ideas and suggestions during our planning sessions led to some wonderful learning opportunities within our focus group tasks. The children decided they wanted the role-play area to be transformed into Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. They planned how they wanted it to look, made their own signs/labels and selected appropriate resources and props for their role play. Nursery made a fantastic ambulance and the imaginative play began!
They created their own passports, using their emergent writing skills to add details about themselves. They made some fabulous self portraits, by looking carefully in the mirror and drawing the features of their face. Reception thought about all the things they could do with their hands and recorded their ideas in a sentence. Mrs Jones and myself were very proud of their writing! Nursery chose to focus on their fantastic feet! They used their feet to run, jump, hop, pedal the bikes and even were able to pick up a pencil! All the children enjoyed a Sensory walk and took some fantastic photos on the ipads. They also enjoyed tasting different fruits using their sense of taste and smell.