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16th -18th May

Busy, Busy, Busy


In our news this week we shared a little bit of interesting information about the people  with whom we spent our weekend, for instance - if the people had a dog or they make everyone laugh .
We managed to find lots of shadows to draw around because the sun came out. Our shadow's outlines looked very different to us as people. Some of them looked a bit like giant blobs-depending on how the person stood and where the sun was. We found out that even though it looks like the Sun moves- it's actually us on Earth who are travelling and spinning through space. We were amazed. We tracked a shadow across the yard  throughout the day, to show the Earth was spinning. We did wonder why don't we feel sick doing all that spinning and moving.
We begged for harder work in Maths- we got it. Tough addition and subtraction this week. We had to check our work and ask each other for help. We had a very tricky Maths Treasure Hunt.
We designed a sandwich for our picnic next Tuesday (24th May)
We squashed a lot of natural ,brightly coloured things ( flowers, berries etc) in our Monday Funky Group to make natural paints to help us create pictures . Stone Age people would have used natural things to make their paints.
We have looked at different ways to move on, over, through, under and around our Jungle Gym, we've shared who we care for and we've completed lots of challenges in the wet area.