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22nd-24th February Ms P.Jones

As part of our Marvellous Me topic, we are writing books about what we were able to do when we were babies and what we would like to do when we are bigger.

( Some of us don't want to grow any bigger, thank you.)

Obviously, we had to do some research first, so some children used Small World equipment to run through some ideas about what babies could/ couldn't do and the same for adults. Mainly, adults seem to be able to do a lot more than babies, like cooking and working. But the children said that babies were the only ones allowed to use a nappy...
Another group researched what babies can do and made a PowerPoint about their discoveries, which they proudly presented to the class.
(See PowerPoint below)
A third group interviewed and videoed various adults around school, asking them -what their favourite thing to do is, now they are big' -driving was the most popular answer. They also asked -what do you miss about being a child? Playing with friends was a popular choice, as well as their parents doing all the cooking. The group was very proud of their interviews and loved showing the videos to the rest of the class.
After discussing the research, the 1st draft was written, everyone contributing a page for the book. We looked at the work and the children gave Top Tips in their feedback, deciding what could be done to make the 2nd draft, in their Best Books, even better.

During their gardening session, the children of Reception, measured our school worms. ( All worms went back into the soil, unharmed.) They also half filled watering cans and watered some of the plants together.

In mathematics, we have been studying number facts to 5 in Reception. We've made number lines with beads, we've coloured patterns to represent how to make 5 by adding positive numbers and we've played Bingo- with a twist.

Nursery are investigating patterns, using threading equipment to make 2, 3 step patterns, then transferring their skills to create printed patterns using the faces of 3D shapes dipped in paint.