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24th March

A very busy day to bring our Spring Term to a close! The children looked at their baby photographs and tried to guess who was who! They looked at their eye/hair colour and also the clothes they were wearing to see if this gave them any clues. They couldn't believe how tiny they were as babies. They discussed the weight they were at birth and found out who was the heaviest and lightest baby.
They practised their handwriting. Super concentration and pencil control today!
In the afternoon the children received a note from the Easter Bunny(this caused great excitement!) He asked them to follow a trail of carrots which led them to Forest School. The children took part in lots of Easter themed activities throughout the afternoon.
They decorated twigs and trees with painted eggs and tiny peg decorations. They used the fine motor skills to place and clip the decorations to the twigs.
They took part in egg and spoon races, carefully balancing the egg so that they didn't drop it!
They made trails from twigs and leaves and printed trails with carrots for the Easter Bunny to follow.
An Easter egg hunt ended the afternoon perfectly!
But on return to class there was one more surprise in store! Baby Jack and his Mummy and Grandma had called by to visit the class.  The children had lots of questions to ask about the baby. They gave him their special cards that they had made and Baby Jack managed to sleep through it all! Thank you Baby Jack for coming to visit us!