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Week beginning 5th Dec 2016

All the World's a Stage...

And we were the stars of the performances this week! Three fabulous appearances and our teachers couldn't be more proud of our hard work, preparing for our centre stage moments.

Apart from acting this week, we have found time to:

plan and design different shops that we would like to open,  walk to the post office at the local shop and post important envelopes ( Reception only), make hats for our party, design Santa's sleigh with loose parts and then drive it to various places around the world in order to deliver the presents, make reindeer poop piles ( rice crispy cakes), create huge monsters and sort lots of stuff into various groups, party and eat Christmas dinner!!. Free play has helped us learn negotiating and team skills, especially as were all a bit tired after putting so much into our performances . We are having a very merry time in Ysgol Y Faenol!