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25th-27th April 2016

Fantastic Ideas!
Afternoon nursery children told the reception Funky group all about a PowerPoint they made about Stone Age animals. Then together, they suggested words for a poem about the animals. The poem has a lot of similes in it. 
Stone Age Animals
Stone Age Horse like a golden unicorn.
Cave bear like a cross gorilla.
Mammoth like a big camel with a thatched roof.
Red deer like an angry tree with a spiky crown.
.Sabre tooth tiger like a vampire, with bread knife teeth like cactus spikes
teeth like nails, pins to make holes, sharp sticks
Halloween teeth.
Cave lion claws shaped like love hearts but dangerous,
white like crunched paper.
Auk like a black and white ball or a wobbly domino.
Woolly rhino like a charging hairy train
Wolverine like a hairy statue waiting for a baby.
Bison like a sunbathing rock- about to charge. 

Miss Maureen and Ms Jones helped the children put their ideas into a poem.
After writing fabulous poetry, the Funky Group and Afternoon Nursery searched the school grounds for ideal places to keep Stone Age animals - should any of them travel through time to Bodelwyddan.
One of the most practical ideas was the suggestion to keep the cave bear and cave lion in our poly tunnel and then electrify the fence around it! The wolverine was given the jungle gym to run around on and the horse, red deer and bison shared the field. The woolly rhino and mammoth were put in the forest schools area - behind a fence, and the auk was going to have the run of the Nursery playground with its own custom made pool. No-one knew what to do with the sabre tooth tiger.