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WB 9th Oct

Outside we have been blowing lots of bubbles, making drive through car washes with loose parts, ‘cooking’ in the mud kitchen and splatter painting. We always put on our overalls to play in the mud kitchen, paint or work with the water wall. There aren’t enough spare wellingtons for everyone to do these activities together, so everyone really needs to bring their own wellingtons as soon as possible.

This week we have shared our thoughts and ideas about churches and especially St. Margaret’s in Bodelwyddan. Some of us have been to or seen weddings there, others have been to a christening, which is when a baby gets some water put on its head. We knew people get buried there and that lots of churches have a chicken on them. Ms Jones told us the ‘chicken’ is a weather vane and shows everyone which way the wind is blowing. We made model churches with our small wooden blocks.

We went outside for a sing-song and a bit of band practise. Mrs Bayliss jazzed up some old favourites and we performed them on the stage. After our outstanding performances we enjoyed time on the jungle gym.

We are getting very good at counting in twos. Ms Jones had a load of mixed up socks and we sorted them into 2s and pegged them to a washing line. The pegging bit was very tricky and we had to help each other squeeze the right end.

We were trying to guess what was hidden in the feely box without looking and just touching. We were laughing a lot. We were also laughing a lot on our role play boat in the middle of the classroom. Some of us made a huge sail to help our boat move through water.

A number of us chose to draw our family on holiday. Ms Jones loved our pictures and our holiday stories.

We get lots of opportunities to choose what we do, this helps the teachers decide what to put into the areas and helps them get to know what we like and what we are good at. (We are all brilliant at playing in the mud kitchen!) A group of us decided to write a list of names for a party, then write all the invites and 'cook' the food ready. One of us had a new baby brother this week and thought a party sounded a great idea.

Mrs Harvey has been teaching us about using the green screen. We got to choose places we wanted to 'visit'. it looked like we'd gone to the Co-op by ourselves or to a fabulous beach. We love the green screen.


Special thanks- We are very grateful to the local established business, Anwyl Construction, who have been very generous and donated pallets, pipes and other loose parts to be used by the children in the outside classroom. Thank you! You are very kind.