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7th March-9th March VPJ

This week begins with a focus on being positive and never giving up.

We have been revisiting 'It's Ok to make Mistakes' by Todd Parr. We've used the book to help us talk about things that we'd like to get better at or things we don't know yet. Then we made a list of things to try; things that would help us achieve. Reception and morning Nursery came up with some fabulous ideas.
Using Todd Parr's own instructions, we listened carefully, followed each step and drew a 'Todd'. We are using them in a display. We've learnt more about having a Growth Mindset, by reading information around the school and sharing ideas.
We have been exploring number in Reception ( photographs taken by the children) and our pattern work with Nursery is getting more complicated and tricky. The afternoon Nursery told us how they had made sure they managed their pattern task, how they'd asked for help and didn't give up.
Reception have been trying to develop very interesting patterns and taking photographs of their own efforts.
Both Nursery and Reception have been introduced to the Hindu festival of Colour Holi.
Morning Nursery and Reception were challenged to create 3 role play areas: a fruit and vegetable shop, a café and a hairdresser's. Working in teams, they decided to make lists of the things they would need, then divided up into sub groups searching across Foundation for the items on their lists. They were superb at improvising. Once they had set up their area, the brilliant conversations between chef and waiter, waitress and customer, client and hairdresser for instance, were fantastic. Plastic money changed hands, chicken chow mien was a firm café favourite and cups of 'tea' were everywhere. ( Especially when the workers went on a break!) Everyone had huge amounts of fun.