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Summer 1

The Giant Jam Sandwich

We’ve been very busy this half term in Moel Siabod! 


We have been looking into how to make different kinds of bread and jam. We took part in a jam and bread taste testing session which was thoroughly enjoyed by all! The role play bakery in class also proved very popular with the children and they have had a great time making different foods and using lots of kitchen utensils in there. Following a special visit from Mr. Jones, from the food standards agency, we were lucky enough to get some gloves and hair nets to add to our bakery! The children loved looking at the different equipment used to ensure places that serve food are clean and were fascinated by the different gadgets Mr. Jones brought with him - such as the spy pen used to write notes during inspections! They particularly loved the fact he gave our class bakery, ‘Fake Bake’ a mini inspection. 


We have also been lucky enough to have a special visit from Miss Roberts who came to discuss the importance of a healthy plate and balanced diet. The children loved learning about different food groups and the importance of eating a plate of ‘rainbows’ to ensure our bodies are getting all the different nutrients they need. 


We’ve been working hard in maths this half term and skills we have covered include developing our mathematical vocabulary to assist with movement, direction and position. The children had a great time setting up obstacle courses for a partner and using appropriate mathematical language to direct them through. We have also been working on combining groups of objects and solving problems. We really enjoyed creating a tally chart to vote for our favourite bread and jam - our homemade bread won along with strawberry jam!  


Our ‘Talk for Writing’ is well underway and the children have loved created actions to go with our story map. We have been working on developing our confidence when talking in groups and adding detail into our work using the 5 W’s - who, what, why, where and when. 

The children have also been working very hard on their writing skills and have enjoyed using a range of different resources including chalk, paint and sticks to work on their letter formation and upper and lower case letters.


A huge thank you for the continued support from parents and carers in regards to reading with children at home. Please keep it up over half term and I hope you all have a lovely break.


Miss Hardy.