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Week beginning 16th November 2015

This week our focus tasks will help improve appreciation of books, the ability to listen carefully and check everyone's understanding of 'one more/ one less. 

The children have chosen books that look interesting and described their book. They have developed their own interesting character and drawn them. The children have been learning to read and write their first list of high frequency words.
The children all practised adding one more by listening to how many beats the teacher played on their drum -then playing one more on their drum or tambourine. One less was very tricky and needs practising again.
Mrs Harvey has started to teach simple coding in ICT.
All this and lots of challenges in the areas, for instance: create a fairy tale with the figures in the dry sand, write your letters with sticks in the wet sand, pick up gems with tweezers in the Tuff Spot etc. Every time the children completed a challenge their mini-me got a sticker!
In the investigation area we've had some very interesting objects to use in creative play.
Picture 1 Investigating Books
Picture 2 Investigating Books
Picture 3 Creating Characters
Picture 4 Creating Characters
Picture 5 Advanced eyewear technology..
Picture 6 Investigating Books
Picture 7 Investigating Books
Picture 8 Imaginative PlayImaginative Play
Picture 9 Imaginative PlayImaginative Play
Picture 10 Investigating Books
Picture 11 Investigating Books
Picture 12 Learning to Code
Picture 13 Learning to Code
Picture 14 Learning to Code
Picture 15 Learning to Code
Picture 16 Learning to Code
Picture 17 Learning to Code
Picture 18 Learning to Code
Picture 19 Learning to Code
Picture 20 Learning to Code
Picture 21 Mini-me with Challenge stickers
Picture 22 Mini-me with Challenge stickers