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25th/26th February

Reception and Nursery listened to the story of 'Once there were Giants' by Martin Waddell. It generated lots of discussion about their own family. The children worked with their thinking/talking partners to ask each other questions about their families. They reported their findings to the class, using loud and clear voices! Some children chose to write their questions. Everyone used the small world and Happy Land people to create a family that looked just like their own! Reception children made their own Family Tree using their drawing and writing skills. The story prompted a discussion about babies. The children decided that they wanted to find out more about babies. They went to the ICT suite to research information about babies. They printed some pictures of the things they would need to care for a baby. They took the babies for a walk in the prams but the babies started to cry! They realised that they needed a feed and a nappy change! The children told me that babies are hard work!! 
In Mathematical development the focus for this week has been on 'weight'.   We began by brainstorming all the things that need to be weighed. The children told me that we can weigh fruit in Asda,  weigh ourselves on scales and babies need to be weighed too! Individuals took it in turns to be a weighing scales, balancing two large shopping bags in their hands. Reception went outdoors to search for objects to be weighed. They sorted the objects into two groups- heavier and lighter. They checked their findings using the balancing scales and recorded their results.
Nursery enjoyed working as team to complete an investigation. They had to collect bricks and other resources from the loading bay and take them to the drop off point. They had to use their thinking skills to transport the objects. Some fabulous team work  and sharing ideas took place. They used wheel barrows, trucks and even filled buckets, which they tied to a washing line! 
In Welsh a 'Siop Ffrwythau' was set up and the children took on the roles of the shopkeeper and customer. They weighed the fruit and asked for the items in Welsh. They listened to a story in Welsh 'Un, dai ,tri banana' and practised some songs for St Davids Day.