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26th-27th May.

This week we have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe in the sun. (In preparation for the heat wave that is supposed to be on its way!)We watched a clip about Barnaby Bear at the seaside.  He gave us lots of tips about how to keep safe in the sunshine! We now know that we must wear a hat, make sure we wear sun cream when the weather becomes hot, wear sun glasses to protect our eyes and look for shelter/shade from the sun. When we are in school (on hot days) we thought about the places that we could go to keep cool. We made some fabulous posters about sun safety.
In Creative Arts we made a collage of Stonehenge. This involved using paints to make a wash on our paper. Then we had to create a sun and cut out the stones using black paper. We had lots of fun designing our own Stonehenge. Everyone made their own, very unique Stonehenge! Well done!
Fantastic end results!
In maths we have been solving addition problems. We had to think of different ways to put the smarties on the cup cakes. We thought of different ways to make 5 and then 10. Nursery children counted different numbers of smarties onto the cupcakes and practised their number formation on white boards.
In our physical development we have been practising our jumping skills. We jumped off different sized apparatus and tried to bend our knees and land with two feet together. We also jumped and landed into different sized hoops.
In Golden time today we enjoyed lots of free choice outdoors playing with the resources from the physical box. We also made our very own edible Stonehenge out of chocolate crispies and chocolate fingers! A lovely treat to end another very busy half term!
Hope you all have a lovely weeks holiday!