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Week beginning 21st November 2016


We have been talking about all sorts this week!

We shared everything we could think of on the topic of 'Winter'- then we pretended to phone a friend and had a chat about the weather, Christmas and other wintery things. Wooden blocks made great telephones and we also made some phones with cups and string. We talked and talked- because we knew so much about winter.

We've had to work in pairs and groups a lot during maths this week. By working things out together we made little ruler see-saws balance, grouped different coloured balls, completed extremely tough sums and counted in twos up to ten. Helping each other makes us more confident and helps us work things out by talking about them.

We were scientists this week. We didn't really know what they were at first -but it turns out we do lots of things that scientists do- we love to investigated stuff, mix things, test out our ideas and tell everyone about what we have discovered. Scientists are like children who get paid to do the stuff we do naturally. We thought that by wrapping up two of the three pieces of ice we had, that we could make them melt faster.

We were shocked but not afraid to admit- we weren't right! The wrapped ones lasted longer! We were amazed, but we learnt that the warm in our room  hadn't got to the wrapped ice blocks as much as the unwrapped one. We are all going to wrap our tubs of ice-cream for the journey home from the shop to see if it works again.

These are just a few things we've done this week. We hope you like our photographs.