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WB 13th Feb 2017

Healthy Bodies on the Move

This week we have been researching healthy food and planning a healthy sandwich. We also taste tested different fruits and made a graph of our favourites. We wrote to ask Mrs Jones for some money to buy ingredients for our sandwiches and we will make them after half term.

We have learnt loads about our bodies- our teachers have bought wooden jigsaws that show us our muscles and lungs and bones and brain - and they are brilliant! We have been playing with them all week and now we know so much, we built a role play hospital and looked after lots of people with pains in their intestines.  

We astounded Miss Jones again with our sorting skills- thinking up very creative group names.

We've done lots of PE this week and will be doing lots next half term so everyone needs to bring their PE kit so that they don't miss the fun.

We've been playing and choosing for ourselves and our teachers have said that we have shown them, we've learnt a lot through the fun things we do when we have a choice.

We've started to use Hwb a lot more this week. We have made pictograms, graphs and written a class description of what we do on the beach. Miss Jones said our sentences were very sophisticated. We're not sure exactly what that meant but we know she was very pleased and kept saying - 'Astounding!.'