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Literacy across the school

Within literacy it is expected that learners will become accomplished in:

- oracy across the curriculum

-reading across the curriculum

writing across the curriculum


Language, literacy and communication are the foundation stones of all our work and permeate the whole curriculum.


We foster a love of literacy through our fun and engaging text based learning. 


Promoting a confidence in speaking and listening is a key feature of our learning experiences. We do this through activities such as drama, role play, debating, presentation, discussion work. 


We believe that reading should be a pleasurable, meaningful experience for all children. We use a guided reading programme to teach children to read in small groups, using colourful and stimulating books. Pupils are provided with many opportunities in school to read for a range of purposes. Pupils also have individual reading books, as this provides opportunities for children to read to parents and other family members at home. Above all we aim to foster the habit of voluntarily reading for pleasure.


Pupils’ writing skills will be developed through-out their time at school. We encourage children to write for many different purposes and they learn to edit and re-write their drafts. We encourage children to learn to love to write, as well as developing the mechanical skills needed such as good spelling, accurate punctuation and neat handwriting. 


Foundation Phase Literacy (3-7 year olds)

In the Foundation Phase emphasis is placed on developing children’s communication skills. These are very important skills if children are to become successful learners in the future and are essential as the foundation for reading and writing.

'Jolly Phonics' is used at Ysgol Y Faenol to introduce children to the 'synthetics phonics'  method of learning the letter sounds. 'Jolly Phonics' helps us teach the letter sounds in a way that is fun and multi-sensory. Children learn how to use the letter sounds to read and write words. Please see the 'Parent Guide to Jolly Phonics' below for more detailed information.