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Half term Update

Half Term update: 

Reception and Nursery have been very busy this half term. Our topic is Up, Up and Away and the children have suggested some brilliant things for us to research and learn about.  

We have discovered some fabulous things about owls, hot air balloons and bees. Next, the children want to learn about space and aeroplanes. So, after half term break, there is plenty to look forward to.  

Topic Homework-  ( to be completed before the end of Autumn Term)

We would be thrilled if you and your child could work together on a piece of homework connected to our topic ‘Up, Up and Away’.  

 Perhaps you’d like to create a model of an owl, or a hot air balloon, or a bee or a bee hive and send it in to school for a display. You could carry out some research into space or aeropolanes. Maybe you could read a book together linked to the topic or visit somewhere to look at things that go Up, Up and Away! We would love to see the things you create together. You could send us a picture via school email or ask your child to draw a picture of what you have done together as part of the topic homework. Whatever you choose to do, we hope you have fun joining in with our studies.