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5th-6th May

During discussion last week the children suggested making maps.

"If someone is lost a map could help them find their way!"

"A map tells us where to go"
I used a map on my holiday" 

We listened to the story ' We're going on a bear hunt' and enjoyed taking part in the story telling. We ordered the events in the story. We thought about where the family went first and so on until they reached the cave.
Reception children made maps for the family to follow. They worked with a partner to give directions to each other describing which way to go. 
Helpful hands made a fabulous sensory map in the 'Tuff spot'. This generated lots of interest and discussion. Great team effort!
During enhanced provision this week the children made trails on real maps of Bodelwyddan, Llandudno and Cardiff. They created their own treasure maps and made pairs of binoculars to take on a bear hunt! They created their designs independently! Fabulous work! At the end of the day we used these creations to go on a bear hunt. I was told by one of the children ...........'We are not going to find a real bear!Bears don't live in Forest school!'  Binoculars at the ready!  We set off on our mission! On arrival at Forest School the children noticed something move behind a tree! It then moved around very fast but we soon caught up with this very friendly bear! Everyone had lots of fun playing hide and seek with the bear and finding lots of teddy bears that where hiding between the trees.
Nursery made trails for the bear to follow from the house to his cave. They used stones, shells, printed with paint and used felt pens for the bear to follow. They also ordered the bear footprints 0-10. Da iwan!
On Friday we have been learning all about 3D shapes. As a whole class we sorted the shapes into two groups- 2D and 3D. We used the construction blocks to make models using cubes and cuboids. We made our own cuboids with multi link and spheres using the play dough.