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23rd-25th May

We've got the measure of everything! ( Almost...)

We have found so many things in our school grounds that are longer than a metre. At first we measured a few things that were shorter than a metre but we soon got the hang of choosing things that we were sure would be longer. We wrote down all the long stuff. Our clip boards made us feel very important and we took hundreds of photographs to prove how hard we worked.

We had fun thinking about some of our earliest memories, such as attending play group for the first time. It was funny to think how grown up we all felt , walking across the playground.
Some of use have had a fabulous time creating a pendulum with paper cups and boxes. We filled the cups etc. with paint, made a hole in the bottom of the cup, and let that paint fly! It made a super pattern and some of it went on the grass which was also exciting.
We are playing/learning lots of new games this week and trying to think up our own games. Some people found it hard to agree on the rules of our made up games. We eventually decided that just a few rules is best: don't make it too complicated.
We have also made a sandwich, eaten a sandwich (at our picnic) and had a very loud sing-song after our sandwiches.