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3rd/ 4th March

On Thursday the whole school enjoyed 'World Book Day'. Thank you to all the children who supported this by wearing their pyjamas and bringing in their favourite book to share with the class. All the children enjoyed talking about their favourite book in small groups and sharing their book with a friend. They were busy making bookmarks, enjoyed a bedtime story and listened to a variety of stories throughout the day. 
Also this week they have made their cards for Mother's day. Before they began they went outside to look at the Spring flowers in our school grounds. They observed the colours of the flowers, noticed some new buds on the trees and recorded this by taking photographs on the ipads. Back in class they used these photographs as inspiration for their Mother's day cards. The paintings were beautiful! Lots of very confident colour mixing going on! They used their very best handwriting to write in Welsh inside their cards.
In Maths this week the children have been weighing different objects from the outdoors! After collecting their objects they used the balance scales and multi-link cubes to weigh their objects. They remembered their top tips and counted the cubes carefully with a partner! They recorded their findings on a white board.