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Week beginning 28th September

I am so proud of all the children in Nursery and Reception. They have been working hard this week on counting, matching the amount to a number, using different 2D shapes to create pictures of buildings and making patterns (to improve Mathematic skills). We have been using lots of different resources: number mats, 2D shapes, peg boards, number lines and games on the Topmarks website.
We have been concentrating on the sounds 'p' and 'n'- improving our knowledge by using Jolly Phonics' resources, videos made by Mr Thorne (website), word books, stories and collecting objects beginning with our sounds.  We've practised forming the letters by completing sheets linked to Jolly Phonics and making the letters with: sticks, blocks. peg board pegs, string and our bodies. We've used the sounds we have learnt so far, to start attempting writing independently.
We've been promoting reading this week, sharing lots of story books and encouraging everyone to use the book corner more. If you have any pictures of your children reading their own books at home, or you reading with them, we would love to have copies to decorate our reading area.
We have made some videos linked to the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' which are very funny and we've created an impressive story map on a role of wall paper.
Our Penny's Café has seen many 'cakes' baked for excited customers who have paid a lot of money to visit the fabulous role play café, created and set up completely by the children.
We have been listening to different types of classical music to see what sort of pictures the music creates in our heads. Holst's Mars from The Planets was a massive favourite. We also listened to Vivaldi Spring and Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals -Elephant.
We have been looking at and describing interesting buildings from across the world.
In our Welsh lessons, we have been practising are colours and making sets. Nursery have made an incredible zoo and Reception drew designs and made animal transporters to get the animals to the zoo.

Next week, we will be focusing on staying safe when we are out and about.