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14-16th March VPJ

We have sorted everything this week!

 We have been sorting: Lego, little bears, construction materials, books, ball and bats, skittles, bean bags, stilts, books etc., etc., etc. We've used Venn diagrams with two overlapping circles, we've used different bowls and wooden dishes to collect our groups - we've sorted everything!
We have been listening to the story 'Oliver's Vegetables' and then sequencing the story, using the vegetables Oliver finds during his week at Grandpa's and Grandma's, as a memory aid.
We've created mini-gardens for the fairies in Forest School. It was most appreciated as one of the lady fairies has just had a baby and needs somewhere special to take her little one. The children negotiated brilliantly and designed  multipurpose gardens with walk ways, a pond, a fire area, a mud house, climbing frame and a slate patio. Activities the fairies could do and reasons the fairies would need certain features in their garden were well explained and justified. Lots of fabulous problem solving and team work. One group sang songs for the fairies before returning to school. As you would expect the well-mannered fairies left notes to the children to say thank you. It was very exciting.
Our 'Feely Box' activity to increase our scientific vocabulary when describing different materials, was very funny. All the children were very brave and trusting. (Warm cooked spaghetti was the best!)
We made trains with salad vegetables and of course, we did a bit of a taste test. We recorded whether we liked something with a smiley face- and a sad face if it wasn't a big hit. Carrots were the most popular.
Mrs Morley has been playing our own version of 'Play your Cards Right' with digits 1-9- asking the children to make an educated guess 'Higher or Lower'. Some groups thought Miss Morley was magic when she turned a 9 and she 'knew' it would be lower, turned a 1 and 'knew' the next card would be higher.The astonished faces when Miss Morley was right- (AGAIN!) suggest we need to work on this.
We have had fabulous, fun packed days of learning!