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Week beginning 3rd October 2016

Last week we explored our outside areas in search of mini-beasts. We learnt lots about their habitats and were able to make a list of the sort of things they like to have around them. Using this list we have made mini-beast, mini-habitats this week! A habitat is the area where something lives. It must have shelter, water and food for the creature to live. Our habitats for mini-beasts were brilliant. We thought of everything.

We have been working very hard on our number formation and recognising numbers. We have been shown how grouping things into fives or tens makes counting big amounts easier. We have read a book called 'How many jelly beans' by Yancey Labat.

This book builds up to show us 1,000,000 jelly beans! A million tiny jelly beans cover a lot of pages!! We were a bit shocked.

We have enjoyed joining in with the book 'SHH! We have a plan' by

This book is so funny! We asked the teachers to show us more books written by Chris Haughton

because the words of this one were hilarious and the pictures are cool.

We love the book 'Rosie's Walk' by Pat Hutchins. We were shown how drawing a story map can help you remember the parts of a story. We can tell the story now with the help of our story map on the wall.

We have been doing loads of activities to strengthen our finger muscles and help us hold and move pencils. Some of the activities look a bit weird -but they are so much fun and they work.

Our art skills are growing every week as our teachers love to share creative things with us. We are using lots of different materials and different techniques. Our displays are growing and so is our confidence.

Every day we practise our phonic knowledge. We are looking forward to putting our new skills to use when we start bringing books home after half term. We are very proud of the progress we have all made and our teachers are thrilled.

The teachers have been making us get into our water proofs a lot this week to work outside. We know they are trying to help us learn to zip up our coats and get dressed quickly by ourselves - we're not daft. Life skills are very important.

We explored ways to move ( with our water proofs on) in PE. Rolling around on wet grass was our favourite thing -much more fun than just walking.