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Summer 2

This half term we have continued our theme of ‘Food’. The children have been looking into different foods and used their senses to create a descriptive piece of writing. 


We have also been working on creating and composing our own music using body percussion. This has proven to be lots of fun and the children really enjoyed performing them on the outdoor stage!


The children have been researching different vegetables - looking at their names, colours, health benefits and the different foods they can be found in. They have also enjoyed using them to create soups and stews for each other in the garden! 


We have been trying to deepen our skills and understanding in Maths this half term by using a range of maths manipulatives. These have included multilink, bradstrings and bar modelling.

Eisteddfod week - 17.9.19

This week has been Eisteddfod week where our theme was ‘sports and adventure in the local area’. The children had a brilliant week researching about the local area and enjoying finding out about different activities that they could take part in.

Literacy this week focused on the children creating their own shape poems. The children worked extremely hard on these - researching a local sport/adventure, learning about what a shape poem was and looking at examples of them and then creating their own linked to their chosen sport/adventure. 

Maths this week focused on problem solving and again, the children worked very hard using lots of different skills such as a range of maths skills, perseverance and trial and error to solve the problem. Well done everyone! 

Our Art challenge this week was to create a 3D model linked to the theme. The children had lots of fun choosing their own materials and working together to create their sculptures. We ended up with a bicycle made from masking tape, a cardboard surfboard, a paper mache rock climbing wall and a salt dough mountain. 

In the middle of all of this action we also had sports day! A huge well done to all of the children for their efforts and excellent sportsmanship. 

8.7.19 - Following a visit from the ‘Chilli bean pirates’ the children were very interested in pirates and the different foods they ate when at sea. This lead us to creating our very own pirate ship reading area and took us down the route of vegetables and how food storage has changed over time. 


The children were thrilled to arrive to school and find that Pirate Stan had been in and left us a letter which included lots of challenges to keep them busy in the last 2 weeks of term. These included working together to create a new ship for Stan and his crew, using our measuring skills to make our own salt dough necklaces, pirate maths and literacy challenges. These kept us very busy and we ended the half term with a Pirate party.


Again, thank you for your continued support and I hope you have a lovely summer!