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Spring Term 1- J Simon

Our Maths focus for this half term was 'time'. We used the story of Elmer's day by David McKee as a starting point for our planning.
Nursery and Reception began by sorting photographs of day and night and used simple sentences to talk about the different  times of the day. They ordered the events of their school day and made their own paper plate clocks to match the time to the events. 
Reception children used sand timers to see how long different tasks would take to complete. They built towers of 10 blocks, threaded beads onto a lace, timed themselves running across the yard and even measured how long it took to eat their snack!
They researched information about the moon and made some fantastic moon pictures using flour, paint and glitter. All the children went on a 'time hunt' around school to look for evidence of how they could measure time.
In the home corner the children role-played different times of the day. Nursery and Reception have been reciting the days of the week and singing the days of the week song!