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Fun & Games with Grandparents

We were lucky enough to access a grant to purchase some traditional boxed games. We bought a range of games, such as Guess Who, Draughts, Playing cards, Snakes & Ladders, Pass the Pigs, Othello etc. As well as being FUN, playing games has a number of benefits for children, including:
developing communication skills
understanding concepts, such as fair play, turn taking, following rules etc.
developing thinking skills, logical reasoning, detecting patterns etc.
giving practice in key skillls

On Friday 22nd March we invited grandparents to visit school to play some traditional games with their grandchild/children. A good time seemed to be had by all - well there certainly was lots of laughing and hilarity!!! Lots of the grandparents said they would definitely like to come again. Hopefully we can organise it for later this term.