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Bustling Bakery

This half term  we will be working with an experienced actor and  theatre/TV director to produce and film our own soap opera.
We will be ‘Making Sense of Maths in a Bustling Bakery.’
Some pupils in Year2, 3 and 4 will be involved in drama activities and will create a mini soap opera. The drama will develop from some day to day disasters that could occur within a bakery. We hope to visit a local supermarket bakery. The children will be involved in creating characters, writing scripts and filming/editing episodes. As each scene is filmed and edited we intend to invite parents into school to view the episode. Information will be regularly uploaded onto the school website. An omnibus screening of the ‘Bustling Bakery’ soap opera will be held at the end of the project.
We will keep you updated about what’s going on in our ‘Bustling Bakery’