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Weekly Update for Dosbarth Yr Aran

WB 3rd June 2019

The children have been learning about capacity this week, estimating how many blocks would fit into different containers, filling containers with blocks and comparing how much smaller or larger the different containers were. The children coped brilliantly with this concept and had great fun trying to guess- then check. 

Some of the learners got to make beans on toast and eat the it! We went into the staff room to heat the beans- it was very exciting. 

Lots of the children have made mini movies with the iMotion app and models they have designed themselves. We had a great giggle watching the movies together. 

There has been sports equipment outside so that the classes can try different skills with different equipment. This will continue throughout the summer term. 

Next week, we'll be looking at symmetry. 



WB 20th May 2019

We have learnt how to make beans on toast this week by reading instructions. We will re-read the instructions and actually make beans on toast after half term.  We have spoken a great deal about hygiene, especially making sure we wash our hands after visiting the bathroom or before we handle food.

Some of the children in Reception have asked their parents to purchase (or borrow from the library) books we have used for story time or Talk 4 Writing.  We love hearing news like this. Thank you for supporting your children in their love of books. We know lots of you read to and with your children; the comments in the reading records are often about favourite stories or school books they have enjoyed. Story time is one of the best times of any day, in and outside of school.

Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging their children to help with the cooking. We have received some lovely photographs which we have shared with the class.


Week beginning 7th May 2019


The weather has been very wet this week up until Friday when lots of the children were able to access and enjoy Forest school. A group of children managed a session on our new bikes on Tuesday and hopefully they'll be lots more chances for everyone to have a go on the bikes over the rest of the term.  

In class the children have been learning the Welsh for some of their favourite foods and looking carefully at different fruit and vegetables before creating detailed sketches. We then refined our gross motor skills and hammered golf tees into the vegetables- great fun! We've been doing lots of numeracy and lots of literacy. The stories about Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel are a firm favourite with many of the children and have led us on to lots of interesting discussions. Free play always shows how inventive all the children are, creating fabulous stories, dressing up and moving furniture to make special areas. Many of the children have a love of construction and are proud of the amazing things they build, loading pictures on to our school Seesaw account independently.

Welcome to the start of our Summer Term. 

Our school project heading for this term is 'Food, Glorious Food'.

The children have been asking a lot of questions about food:  Where it comes from? What happens to it after it's eaten? How do we know if we've had enough? What is healthy food? And loads and loads of others! We will be trying to find all the answer together this term. 

We are planning to do some cooking too. Please ensure all allergy information is up to date for your child. We will be focusing on mainly fruit and vegetables, sandwiches and soup. We hope to try and make our own bread too. Please encourage your child to help at home ( if appropriate)  and if you want to send us pictures of you cooking together- that would be brilliant. 


Extra information:

Our class book this term is 'The Disgusting Sandwich' by Gareth Edwards.