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Weekly Updates 2019/20

Wk beginning 11th November 2019


Some of the children started to learn our Christmas songs this week ready for our Foundation Phase Christmas Play. The children involved have been trying very hard to pick up the catchy tunes. 

A number of the children have also listened to and discussed the Nativity story. 

We have been continuing with our discussions about astronauts and space travel. We have made more model rockets and created role play areas. We have listened to music about the planets and asked about the names of the planets. 

We have been learning how to sort things into groups and how to record those groups- that is quite tricky and will take some practise. We are also trying to write our names and form numbers correctly. 

We have done lots of building, making, painting and playing in the different Foundation areas, especially the Challenge Zone this week as it has been very wet and windy! We have been outside with our wellies on -and more worms have been measured and Miss Davies showed us how to do leaf rubbings.

Week beginning 4th November 2019 


The children make suggestions about what they would like to learn.

They asked if we could explore Space.

Our new books ‘Goodnight Spaceman’ by Michelle Robinson and ‘On the Moon’ by Anna Milbourne have helped us learn lots about space travel and the moon.  

We have tried designing our own version of a space station after discussing what we think astronauts would need and how they might live in Space.  The children have made models of their own ideas using different construction materials.

We’ve been discussing what astronauts wear and what they do, drawing pictures to share our ideas.  

We’ve been making model rockets.  

As it was Bonfire night, we have made pictures of fireworks with chalks on black paper.